Vegetable growing planner and guide (infographic)

I love vegetable planners. Especially pictorial ones like this beautiful vegetable growing cheat sheet by Anglian Homes. They also provide an interactive version on the website.

This vegetable planner adds another dimension with its companion planting element.

Of course, nothing is black and white when it comes to gardening. There will be much flexibility in the times we sow, plant and harvest and we should do our best to understand our own allotments and gardens, letting the weather and soil conditions be our guide.

How are you planning your allotment and kitchen garden? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a comment below or connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Veg Cheat Sheet


2 thoughts on “Vegetable growing planner and guide (infographic)

  1. I discovered this infographic on Pinterest at the weekend – like you say, nothing is so straightforward in the garden or allotment, being weather and area dependent, but this is still the most useful image/description I’ve ever found for plot planning!

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    1. Hi Kevin. Thanks for the comment ☺
      There’s quite a few of these plot plans. What I liked about this one is its a simple straightforward one. The rules have to be variable when it comes to kitchen gardening but it’s a useful guide. I particularly liked the ideas it provides for companion planting.

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