Diary: Yea, I shall return with the tide 

Tuesday – 13 September 2016

It has been a long time since my last post. I must confess that I wasn’t sure I would even return to the blog.

However, I realised how much I enjoyed blogging about the allotment and interacting with so many great garden bloggers and how much I missed it.

So today is the first post after a break and I am excited to start sharpenyourspades.com back up an running.

I want to say thank you to those who have made contact with me to check I was ok. That was really kind. I am absolutely  fine. It’s been a tough few months but all is well.

Last Christmas my mother passed away quite suddenly. I spent a few months lost in a process where everything  seemed to be ok and I was just ticking the boxes of what I need to do next. Trouble is, things can creep up on you when you are not watching out for them and a few months ago I finally realised I needed some time out from everything to really come to terms with what had happened.

Funny enough, while I took time away from everything, including work I found a lot of space and comfort being down the allotment. I just didn’t feel like writing about it. Hence my detachement from the blog, Twitter and all social media.

The summer holidays were busy. Ava kept me on my toes. Another wonderful  event was getting married last Saturday. Busy time leading up to the day but all worth it in the end.

And so I woke up this morning and felt it was time to make a return. Catch up with all those garden bloggers and twitterers and start occupying my time with the hobby I enjoy so much.

Look forward to reading and interacting with everyone again. Give me a few days to get all my accounts back up and running and I will be ready to banter with you lot once more.

The allotment is in need of some TLC but I have enjoyed some harvests this year. Hope your allotments and gardens have been eventful over the summer!

Richard 🙂

7 thoughts on “Diary: Yea, I shall return with the tide 

    1. Great to hear from you Mark. Thanks.
      Life is really great now. Time out did me a world of good. We have lived together for three years so hopefully not too life changing. It was a beautiful day but I glad we can settle down now after the wedding and just enjoy it! Hope all is well with you and the plot.


  1. The great thing about blogging is that you can leave it for a little while and return when you’re ready. Take your time. I know from sad experience what losing a parent can be like. Gardening does help. So does blogging.


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