New balls, please! – Wimbledon themed cane safety

As far as I know, there are no stats for allotment based eye injuries.

It might sound strange, but I can see how easy an eye ball accident could happen when there are short canes, supporting plants, dotted about the plot and are easily missed when you are bending down pulling weeds or planting out more crops.

In fact, the RHS make a recommendation for cane toppers to help prevent such an awful accident occurring.

When you have little helpers running around the kitchen garden, it’s certainly more of a consideration.


Pack of 3 – Wilko

You can buy some beautiful cane toppers, including these fun, decorative terracotta ones from Western Mill Pottery.

However, if like me you need to top those canes in a hurry, grab a pack of tennis balls and give the tomato bed a Wimbledon theme make over.


Cut a cross into the tennis ball.


Push the ball on to the cane.



Do you have any suggestions for a non traditional cane topper? What have you used off the cuff? Drop me a comment below or tweet me @spadesharp

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