REVIEW: Wooden Mini Greenhouse by Grow-Plus

A greenhouse is the beating heart of an allotment garden, pumping out a stream of life to our plots. Yet living in urban areas, with homes that usually offer little in space for a garden, the ability to erect a large glasshouse is often difficult.

On the allotment, greenhouses and polytunnels are practical and worthy additions, but our busy modern lives and the nature of the working week often mean it’s difficult to visit the plot every day.

This is a tricky position when our pots of seeds and seedlings require a little more in the way of consistent attention.

The answer for me has been the mini greenhouse in the back garden.

I’ve owned a number of mini greenhouses over the years and the plastic covered varieties have suited my needs perfectly during this time.

Sometimes though, even I want a little more bling.

Last month, I had just the opportunity when the people at Shedstore offered me one of their wooden mini greenhouses.

After spending a few weeks testing it out during the busy spring period, I thought I’d share my views.

Wooden Mini Greenhouse by Grow-Plus

The Wooden Mini Greenhouse is part of the Forest greenhouses range. Its size is appealing to those of us who, in our urban gardens, have little space to give over to structures without losing valuable growing and leisure space. It was one of the reasons I was keen to try it out too.

The greenhouse boasts two independent opening lids as well as two front facing doors. This means it’s designed to trap as much sunlight and warmth as possible, it’s also convenient and practical to use.

I love the height of the greenhouse. It makes it very easy to pot, sow and manage seedlings through the opening lids while comfortably standing.

It’s delivered flat packed. The main structures including the back, sides, doors and opening lids are pre-made. You just have to put them together, add the shelving and the clear styrene windows and fixings.

flat pack mini greenhouse

building mini greenhouse

build mini greenhouse

However, you will need two pairs of hands to build it. The European softwood frame means it’s solid but also heavy to handle. Holding the sides and doors in place is difficult without a helping hand.

There isn’t much to put together, but I found I had to read the instructions a few times to completely understand where each section should go. It took me a few hours and a number of mugs of tea to build.

At 4ft wide, the shelves offer a generous amount of space to hold all my seed trays and pots. You can decide the height of each of the two shelves, which is useful as our needs might be different.

I chose to put one shelf near the top for easy access while managing my seedlings, and the second near the bottom to ensure there was enough height to put bigger and taller plants. The width also means the base of the greenhouse can hold a standard grow bag or a bag of compost or two.

mini greenhouse shelves

mini greenhouse shelves

The structure, once put together is solid. It genuinely feels like it will last me a significant number of years. And that’s what you should expect if you pay the price at which this greenhouse retails.

The opening lids can be supported with a timber arm on each side. If I was being picky, then I’d have really liked to have the ability to hold the lids open at a variety of heights. But, I am being picky.

mini greenhouse opening lids

mini greenhouse silver handles

The greenhouse looks very stylish with tongue and groove cladding and silver handles and latches for the doors and lids. The timber is pressure treated and comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee which I think is very generous.

More than anything, my favourite thing about this greenhouse is how easy it is to use and access which makes for a pleasurable experience. Even though I would happily use the inexpensive, plastic covered variety, they don’t offer the same convenience when it comes to tending to your plants.

I’m impressed. And, if you are looking for a good looking, solid and well-made mini greenhouse for the home garden, then I would recommend you consider this one.

Price: £199.99 (Usually £259.99)
Free delivery.

Shedstore have gifted me this mini-greenhouse. All words and opinions are my own.

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One thought on “REVIEW: Wooden Mini Greenhouse by Grow-Plus

  1. Sounds great! I once received for review a potting-bench marketed by “a well-known retailer”, but it was rubbish: missing bits; broken bits; complex design but no instructions, etc. I told them I would review it honestly or not at all. They asked me NOT to review it then!

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