Diary: Progress, planning and paths

Thursday – 18 February 2016

The weather over the winter has been incredibly frustrating. There were long periods of time of being unable to get to the allotment because of the amount of rain we had. When the rain took a break it’s was impossible to do anything because the plot was flooded. Continue reading “Diary: Progress, planning and paths”

Diary: The start – April 2015

This is an old post slightly amended. I have decided to start a new thread of posts that will form an allotment diary. These will fall under the Allotment Diary tab in the header menu above. All posts following this one will be in the present day. Allotment Diary posts will be simple entries of our allotment activity for the week. In-depth articles and musing will be accommodated on the blog and categorised under more appropriate headings – RC Continue reading “Diary: The start – April 2015”