10 ways to eat strawberries – when you ask Twitter

I have a confession. I neglect the strawberries growing on our allotment.

I feel incredibly guilty about this, I really do. The strawberries know my guilt. They have heard me tell the neighbours who visit the plot. Continue reading “10 ways to eat strawberries – when you ask Twitter”

SowHow: A modern guide to grow-your-own veg

The shelves in my dining room are lined with an ever expanding collection of books on the topic of allotments and kitchen gardening.

If I flick through the pages of these books, there is a noticeable similarity in content and style. Continue reading “SowHow: A modern guide to grow-your-own veg”

How to make toilet roll seed pots

In 2007, an article in The Telegraph suggested that us Brits were leading the way in toilet paper use.

The figures indicated that British toilet paper consumption of 110 rolls per capita was 25 times that of the Ukraine, Europe’s lowest.

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